JULY 2005
It happened to our classmates

Picture of Owen & Bev Wilkie
Owen & Bev Wilkie

This wonderful, and  heartwarming  story happened to Northwest  60's Alumni Owen & Beverly (Martin) Wilkie of Battlefield, Missouri.  Owen & Bev attended Northwest College in the 60's. Owen graduated in 1968 with a degree in Pastoral Studies. At the present time, Owen is the Editorial/graphics coordinator for World Missions at The Assemblies of God headquarters in Springfield, MO.
Wilkie makeover party picture
Bev and Owen took a two-week vacation to Washington last July to celebrate Owen's 60th Birthday on July 4, 2005.  Many relatives, including their son, Matt , flying in from Africa were there. Their daughter, Debbie, and her family was also able to come in from Indiana.  It was an awesome time. When Bev and Owen returned home on July 16th, they were met by nearly 80 church friends, and family, along with TV cameras and news reporters waiting in front of their home "While we were gone they had put on a new roof, a new porch, carpeting and flooring through most of the house, new paint on the inside, new furniture, and improved our house in many other wonderful ways.  That night we were featured on all four local TV stations.  The next morning the story was in the local news paper, and also ran in the Pentecostal Evangel.  What a great group of people at Park Crest Assembly.  Thanks so much to Pastor Ted Cederblom, Adrienne Goss and the 80 or 90 people who worked on our house." 

 - Bev & Owen Wilkie