(Article submitted 5/26/2009)
Photo of Joan Russell from 1966 yearbookcurrent photo of Bob & Joan (Russell) WallaceBob & Joan (Russell) Wallace
5323 - 154th Ave. S.E.
Bellevue, WA 98006
425-455-9976 (w)
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email: jwallace@wallaceproperties.com

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Dear All,
You all knew me as Joan Russell, (Jim’s little sister), and sister in law to the ever wonderful Darlene Russell, (now Danner).
I live in Bellevue and have been married to the same fabulous man for –can it be?—43 years in September!
Our son, Kevin, is a real estate attorney married to Natalie, a screen writer. Kevin is now president of our family owned commercial real estate company. They have 3 boys and live 7 minutes drive from us.
Our daughter, Kim, is a clinical psychologist married to Dave, a dentist. They have two girls and a boy and live 10 minutes drive from us.  (Drive times + grandma retirement + grandchild access = happiness)!
All of us attend Bellevue 1st Presbyterian Church in Bellevue, and are active in various community and faith based pursuits.
My own passion is service on the board of Medical Teams International, a Christian org. that, among other things, sends medical teams and supplies wherever in the world there is disaster, conflict or poverty. I have no medical training myself, so my service is in my big mouth: I talk about this to anyone who will listen. Though I did travel to N. Uganda and work in the IDP camps a couple of years ago.  http://medicalteams.org

Well, I have rattled on long enough. Just wanted to share some of my life with you, and to let you know that God has been faithful through the years.
Our company web site is:  http://wallaceproperties.com.  If you go there under, “Our People”, you can find my husband, me and our son Kevin. (The other Wallace listed there is our niece, Monica).
Blessings on you all!