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Ron Tuttle's Health Report
Facebook reports by son, Russ Tuttle

[ latest updated 6/1/16 - Click for latest. ]

February 6, 2016 (9:44 pm) My dad has been fighting yeast, fungus, and bacterial infections in his lungs since November 10, 2015. This afternoon he went to the ER and is in the hospital tonight. The incredibly strong medications he is taking to fight these infections is impacting his heart and he's been living with A-fib off and on for months. The past few days his heart rate simply would not come down. He's had a very difficult winter and the past few days have been really tough. Your prayers are greatly appreciated for Dad and Mom. He is stable but completely worn out. I'll let you know if and when he is ready for visits from any locals. Thanks for understanding he needs his rest in order to begin getting healthy once again.

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February 7, 2016 (10:34pm) Very rough night and day for my dad. There are so many complications. They've been treating him today to be sure there aren't any blood clots for a procedure tomorrow to shock his heart out of A-fib, which it's been in for five full days now (since February 3rd). He's beyond exhausted and truly quite miserable. Your prayers are both needed and appreciated. Thanks for caring and your responses of love and concern are encouraging.

February 8, 2016 (11:06am) Dads shock treatment to his heart didn't not work this morning. He is heavily sedated and resting. Three of the specialists (pulmonary, cardiologist, and infectious disease) have been in and they are working on what's next. There will be another procedure tomorrow morning in an attempt to bring his heart out of A-fib. Dad truly needs your prayers and we are all grateful for them.

(8:40pm) Dad desperately needs sleep but is unable to due to the combo platter of struggling to breathe (due to lung infections he's fighting off), low blood pressure (due to medications working to prepare his heart for another procedure tomorrow), and his heart still in A-fib (going on six days now). It's all even more complicated than that but perhaps you get the general idea. The cardiologist has him scheduled for another attempt to shock his heart back into a proper rhythm and pace tomorrow morning at 8AM. Pray he can rest tonight and that the procedure works tomorrow.

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February 9, 2016 (9:38am) Another tough night for Dad. The 8AM procedure has been pushed back to Noon due to an emergency situation in the hospital. That's created considerable challenges for Dad - struggling to breathe and his heart rate is sky high again. They've been working with him for hours getting things regulated. On and on the challenges go as he grows increasingly weaker. Our prayer is that at Noon the procedure will happen, his heart will be shocked back into a normal rhythm and rate, it will hold, and doctors can begin to find treatments that will deal with the ongoing lung infections without impacting his heart and putting it back into A-fib. Your kind responses and prayers are encouraging. Thank you.

(10:47am) Things changed very quickly since the last update. Dad's now in ICU after a cardiac incident where the rapid response team was called in. His nurses were in the room at the moment of his incident. Now in ICU his oxygen levels are improving, his heart rate is in sinus rhythm, and his blood pressure is improving. Just that quick we nearly lost him but the team did an amazing job. Now we wait, carried by your prayers, to see what information we are given next. Thanks for caring and praying.

(2:57pm) Dads numbers are gradually improving. They are working to get the fluid off his lungs. He is resting comfortably. We are grateful for your continued prayers and concern as we nearly lost Dad just 5 hours ago.

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February 10, 2016 (10:30am) Dad remains in ICU and could be here for several days. There are complications with his heart, lungs, and kidneys. Your continued prayers are both greatly needed and appreciated.

(9:24pm) Grateful for small progress in Dad today. However, he has many days ahead in ICU and remains in the most delicate situation with his heart, lung, and kidney issues. He continues to truly need your concern and prayers. Thanks in advance for both. Your comments are encouraging and your prayers carry us in these challenging times.

February 11, 2016 (10:30am) News overnight indicates Dad's heart is failing. We need and appreciate your prayers and love.

(10:19pm) We are grateful for another day with Dad. There's been no improvement and we continue to be carried by your prayers, concern, and loving comments


February 12, 2016 (9:59am) The cardiologist wants to meet with our family. We don't know what time that might happen. We had a great time visiting with Dad and he was happy to see us again this morning. Please intensify your prayers as they encourage, comfort, and carry us.

(6:23pm) The cardiologist gave us reasons to see God is at work while Dad maintains stability with numbers that are unstable. Your prayers are crucial. We continue to both need and appreciate them. Thanks for the love, concern, support, and prayers.

February 13, 2016 (12:03pm) There's been no change that I can report of significance regarding Dad's condition. We are grateful for your ongoing prayers for both Dad and Mom. Please don't stop.

(9:50pm) Dad was moved out of ICU onto the Cardiac Floor of the hospital late this afternoon. His condition remains critical. All of us are grateful for your prayers and ask you to please continue. Dad is still not up to having visitors. Thank you for understanding.

February 14, 2016 (Valentines Day) My sister, mom, and I enjoyed some special time with Dad today. His condition is unchanged. Our prayer is that we will see God's hand at work in tests that are being run tomorrow. Please join us in that prayer.

February 15, 2016 (7:00pm) Dad did have the tests run today. We hoped to get results before leaving the hospital. However, that didn't happen. There was noticeable improvement in Dad today for which we are grateful. Small victories mean a lot right now. Our prayer is that tomorrow brings answers with the potential for better days ahead. We are truly grateful for your continued prayers.

February 16, 2016 (9:22pm) It's been a flurry of activity today. So many people around the world are praying for Dad and this is so encouraging to Dad and our family. Test results were finally released today and discussed with Mom, my sister, and me. To quote Dad's cardiologist, "God is helping us." Please continue to seek God on Dad's behalf. We are grateful to each of you who has responded in prayer and with encouraging words.

February 17, 2016 (8:15pm) The past 12 days, since Dad went to the hospital, have been an emotional roller coaster. In the natural he was not supposed to live. As one nurse told him this evening, "People don't live to tell this story."

After being told that Dad's heart might never regain its regular heartbeat, EKG monitoring proves Dad's heart went into normal rythm, for the first time in months, yesterday afternoon at 12:22PM CST. Since entering the hospital, and especially after Dad ended up in ICU, the cardiolgist said, "We need Gods help."

We are grateful for so many kind words shared with us. Your social media 'likes' and 'shares' are appreciated. But, we have coveted and relied on the heartfelt prayers of so many for Dad and our family. These prayers have literally come from around the world.

This is what Dad's cardiologist said after Dad thanked him for all his efforts to treat Dad, "My friend, the volume of prayers has been answered. God produces the good news, I am just the messenger."

So, we are being careful to not get ahead of God and his sovereign plan while requesting you please continue to pray for complete healing for Dad. We are confident in God's sovereignty. We are careful to not take any credit for any reasons and humbly recognize God has truly intervened in ways only he can.

So, thank you in advance for your continued love and prayers.

February 18, 2016 (6:50pm) Best birthday gift possible today = brought Dad home around 1PM CST. While Dad and Mom face many challenges in the days ahead, we are confident your continued prayers and encouragement will carry us all one day at a time. We are humbled by The Lord's faithfulness to us.

February 19, 2016 (7:40pm) Dad adjusted to his first full day out of the hospital since February 6 today. Please don't quit praying! Dad and Mom need your continued prayer support as the challenges are significant. Thanks in advance for continuing those prayers.

June 1, 2016 (11:00am) Update on Dad (in a word = miraculous): It's been just over three months since Dad was released from the hospital. During that time he has slowly been gaining strength. Dad had his three month appointment with his cardiologist yesterday who said, "Someone has been saying their prayers at night!" Mom responded, "Yes, many people from all over the world have been praying at night and during the morning and daytime as well." Dad's cardiologist said, "Well, many are praying and God is doing the work." Then he gave us the report on the condition of Dad's physical heart.

To make it simple - a healthy heart number is 55. Three months ago, Dad's number was 7. Yesterday's report is that one side of Dad's heart is 50 and the other is 52! Dad will continue his physical therapy for another month as his endurance and stamina remain lower than he is used to but are definitely gradually improving. Dad is most excited about being cleared to drive again!

Yesterday, I drove to Springfield and back to be at the appointment. My sister was also there as she and her family are visiting. The last time Dad, Mom, my sister, and I were together was when Dad was in the hospital. We rejoiced in a positive report from the cardiologist! Thanks for continuing to pray for Dad's heart and lungs to be completely whole again. (report by Russ Tuttle on Facebook)

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