Picture of Bill Smith in the 1969 NU YearbookWilliam "Bill" & Judy Smith
P.O. Box 9
Alsea OR 97324


"Judy and I Pastor Alsea Christian Fellowship in Alsea, Oregon where we built a new 12,000 square foot church building in 2005. I am also President of Worldwide Crusades.  We hold crusades of up to 70,000 per service in places like Africa and Latin America.  We also build churches, hold medical and dental clinics, and plant churches.  We have planted almost 300 churches.  We also have a television program that is shown in every country in Latin America. It is a 1 hour program and is shown twice weekly.  It is also shown in Europe and is being broadcast in 131 Russian speaking countries.  You can look us up on our Worldwide Crusades website where you can read newsletters and learn more about what we do.

In His Service
William (Bill) Smith & Judy"