August 12, 13, & 14, 2005
                    Sedro-Woolley, WA


Aleman, Jorge & Carrie (Shepherd) - McMinnville, OR
Arneson, Jim
Becker, Judy (Henning) - Federal Way, WA
Berry, Carol (Baunsgard) - Marysville, WA
Buchanan, Anita (Benskin) - Port Orchard, WA
Bullock, Warren & Judi (Versolenko) - Kenmore, WA
Crabtree, Tom - Everson, WA
Casper, Gene & Mary (Raybuck) - Renton, WA
Downing, Janie (Fowler) - Beijing, China
Dyal, John & Bev (Phinney) - Olympia, WA
Edstrom, Dave & Shirley - Lake Stevens, WA
Ellison, Marshall & Gerry - Olympia, WA
Fetters, Pam (Tutmarc) -
Fetters, Jennifer -
Graf, George & Terri (Dodge) - Burien, WA
Hardy, Larry & Juanita (Hoag) - Renton, WA
Harrison, Dave & Sherry - Brazil
Hoskins, Howard - Culdesac, ID
Huebner, Frank & Vickie - Renton, WA
Huston, Elvin - Shady Cove, OR
Johnston, Bob & Linda (Williams) - Seattle, WA
Jones, Don & Karen - Bellevue, WA
King, Bill & Willamae (Renfroe) - Yakima, WA
Kruger, Diana (Savage) - Renton, WA
Kvamme, Marvin & Iva (Walters) - Gig Harbor, WA
Liden, Gary - Olympia, WA
McMullen, Mary (Philp) - Everett, WA
Meissner, Joy (Flugekvam) - Mukilteo, WA
Metcalf, Wil - Renton, WA
Mull, George - Selah, WA
Newby, Byron - Lake Stevens, WA
Nicholson, Earnie - Snohomish, WA
Peterson, Charles - Lynwood, WA
Powers, Sandra (Christopherson) - Renton, WA
Rody, Marvin & Doris - Ferndale, WA
Ruchty, Rick & Cherie (Miller) - Marysville, WA
Selig, Dave & Delores - Columbia Falls, MT
Sparre, Ray & Becki (Selig) - Molalla, OR
Stage, Bob & Sandy (Searcy) - New York
Struthers, Ray & Sandy - Bothel, WA
Tappero, Paul & Thelma (Wilton) - Maple Valley, WA
Tappero, Ward & Janice (Eldred) - Spokane, WA
Tibbetts, Cecil & Sandi (Simmons) - Oregon
West, Gery & Carmen (Anderson) - Amanda Park, WA
Wheeler, Anita - Salem, OR
Wheeler, Eunice - Kent, WA
Wood, Mike & Miriam (Gibson) - Bow, WA


Johnson, Leroy
Rice, Frank
Thee, Francis & Mary
         Kowalski, Professor Waldemar & Rosemarie            

OTHER GUESTS who attended:  11

Huston, Merle - Willow Springs, NC - (Elvin's Brother)
Huston, Ron & Ruth - Sedro-Woolley - (Elvin's Brother & Sister-in-law)
Martin, Ron - Sedro-Woolley - (Helper .. lives on the campground)
Vandenburg, Danny, Lavonda & Nate - (Our Hosts)
Daves, Joyce - Sedro-Woolley - (Diana Kruger's Mother)
Eide, Sherry (Green) - Petersburg, Alaska (Anita Wheeler's Sister)
Chris - Bass Guitar
Jesse - Drums


Baughman, Mike & Alvena (Stump) - Snohomish, WA - 8/8/05 - email - "Thank you for the information.  It looks like we will not be able to attend this year's reunion.  We were trying to put it into the calendar but it did not work.  To many events at the same time.  Again thank you for all your work.  God bless you." - Mike and Alvena
Bradford, Elaine (Griffith) - Port Angeles, WA  - 7/5/05 - email - "I sure wish I could come. It would be wonderful to attend the reunion and see old friends.  But I am getting ready to leave on September 8 for a three-week missions trip to Tanzania.  Think I had better not spread myself too thin.  Maybe next year.  For my "old friends info - God has been good to me. - Elaine (Griffith) Bradford
Brannan, Jerry & Donna (Miller) - Milton Freewater, OR - 7/8/05 - email - "I'm sorry to say that we will not be able to attend the 60's reunion this year.  We were looking forward to seeing everyone, but one of the secretaries (Mary) at my office was diagnosed with uterine cancer this week.  She will be off work for at least 8 to 10 weeks which will leave us short-handed. Please greet all our friends for us and we will anticipate joining you next year."  - Donna & Jerry
Cain, Lola (Rice) - Olympia, WA - 6/9/05 - email - "Sadly for me, I do not foresee being home in time for the summer NC reunion.  Al and I are leaving on his retirement trip June 21 going on a ferry up the inside passage of Alaska, making stops in Ketchikan, Petersburg, Sitka, Juneau and Skagway. Al plans for us to be gone for 2 months. I will MISS seeing everyone if I cannot be there - - these times have been so precious." - Lola Cain
Caves, Burt & Phyllis (Comer) - Gresham, OR - 7/5/05 - email -"We are so sorry not to be able to attend the reunion again this year. It just isn't going to work out for us . Maybe one of these years circumstances will be different and we can join you. The pictures are great and it looks like everyone has such a wonderful time. I know Burt would enjoy the food part - he has always said, he only likes 2 kinds of food, hot and cold. We look forward to hearing the post-reunion report." - Phyllis Caves
Christensen, Herb & Gail (Sluder) - Aberdeen, WA - 6/15/05 -email - "It would be fun to see everyone and how much every one has changed but our present commitments do not allow us to break away that weekend to come. I'm sure all will have a good time. Please send our greetings." - Herb & Gail Christensen
Danner, Ed & Darlene (Miller) - Port Angeles, WA - email - 8/07/05 - "Ever since we had such a great time at last year's reunion,we have been looking forward to attending again this summer.  We were planning to do so until we received news today that our eldest daughter and her family had to change their vacation plans. This is the only time their family will be able to come to Port Angeles to visit us before we leave for AZ. I will be thinking of all of you and praying that the Lord will bless you richly as you connect and bless one another." - Darlene

Davis, Frank & Pam (Dyke) - Vashon, WA - 7/22/05 - email - "As much as Pam and I wanted to be there this year, it doesn't look like we will be able to make it.  Pam's folks are going through some critical decision making because of failing health (Pam's with them right now).  Plus, several church activities (wedding) and building projects will hinder me from being there.  We will plan better for next year. - Blessings - Frank Davis
Delgatty, David & Judy (Kennedy) - Bozeman, MT - 3/21/05 - email - "I'm so sorry that Judy and I will not be able to attend the reunion.  Judy's side of our family is having a reunion at the same time and we need to attend that.  I will miss the great fellowship we have had.  Perhaps more will attend this year and be blessed in keeping in touch.  Please extend our warm greetings to all our friends."  David & Judy Delgatty
Ditty, Byron & Verna (Ihrke) - Enumclaw, WA - 7/22/05 - email - "We were hoping to make some adjustments in schedules to come but family weddings, etc have kept our calendar too full.  So sorry we will not be there. Thanks for all you do to keep this going.  We sure enjoyed ourselves when we did come. - Verna

Drye, Ron & Grace - Springfield, MO - 6/17/05 - email - "Well... there is just no way this year.  I start medical processing of the new missionary candidates at 6:00 AM Monday August 15.  It will take a few days to get the lab and exam rooms ready. We will plan on next year, for sure. We leave for Ecuador in a couple of hours.  Pray for a great time of ministry and safety." - Ron and Grace
Emerson, Steve & Luanne (Flugekvam) - Salem, OR - 7/31/05 - phone - "We have been closely following the developments, and enjoying the web site. We'd like to be there, but our family, with our children and grandchildren, has traditionally had our annual mountain lake campout on that particular weekend. Have a great reunion. Our thoughts and prayers are with you." - Steve
Eoff, Elaine - Caldwell, ID - 7/27/05 - phone conversation from Atlanta, GA - "I have been looking forward to making it to Sedro-Woolley for the reunion.  But, I just received a call tonight informing me that the group I sing with, back in Caldwell, "Ozark Mountain Music Band", has just booked an engagement to sing at the birthday party for one of our Idaho senators in Boise that weekend. They tell me that the Vice President of the United States will be there! Pray for us! Please say 'Hi' to all my friends. It makes me feel sad to hear that my friend, Judi Bullock will be at the reuinon and I won't get to see her." - Elaine
Geer, Leland & Berniece (Kisser) - Shelton, WA - 6/15/05 - email - "My wife and I will be unable to attend.  We know God will indeed bless and refresh the hearts of all who attend and renew old ‘acquaintances. We have suffered a little set back here in our family. Friday I suffered a heart attack, and just got home Monday from the hospital.  Your prayers would be appreciated as I try and get back to my pastoral work.  Recovery is too slow for my taste, but patience is learned and I am striving to learn."- Leland Geer

Goodman, Janice (Wood) -  Vancouver, WA - 7/21/05 - email - "Sorry it's taken awhile to respond.  I will be unable to attend, but thank you for facilitating this website to keep people connected. - Jan Goodman"

Grey, Larry - Auburn, WA - 8/4/05 - phone - "We're not going to be able to come this time. I really enjoyed the reunion last year, but our family has a scheduling conflict. I currently recovering from surgery for a completely detatched Achilles Tenton. Have been in a cast for quite a while, and am about ready to be put in a boot cast. Greetings to everybody. - Larry

Gustafson,  Prof. Philip & Roberta - Kirkland, WA - 7/25/05 -email - "We developed a family time conflict, so Roberta and I will be unable to attend the reunion.  We can't be two places at once.  We hope to attend future reunions.  I will look forward to seeing the reports on the website. I'm sure you all will have a great time." - Phil and Roberta

Halvorsen, Arden & Kathy (Eshom) - Oroville, WA - 7/22/05 - phone - "We've had a crazy/busy summer, with a lot of traveling, and it looks like we're not going to be able to come over this year. We have so enjoyed the last two years, and were hoping to be there again this year. We'll look forward to seeing some pictures and a report on the web site. Our best to everyone. - Kathy & Arden
Hanford, Michael & Yvonne - Monroe, WA - 7/23/05 - email - "Thank you for all you are doing to reconnect us all in the Lord!  We have so enjoyed all the updates!!!
We had longed to be able to be there in August, but the various responsibilities in our local church makes it impossible this time! Please extend our warmest and most sincere greetings and "we miss you all!"  So many of you touched our lives in those days at NC and beyond!
With Great Appreciation - Michael & Yvonne Hanford
Harrison, Dave & Sherry - Brazil - email 1/31/05 & 4/20/05 - "Sherry and I want to thank you again for inviting us to the reunion last year!  What a blessing, and what fun!  I do wish we could be with you for the reunion this year, but we just won't be able to make it. maybe next year? Blessings - Dave"
         PLAN CHANGE - 7/21/05  ... "Greetings!  I am dropping you a line to just say that the Lord has worked it out so that we will be able to be there for at least a part of the reunion!
I am having surgery on my wrist and elbow on Tuesday here in Springfield MO.  We will fly out to Seattle for a few days in August, so we are thrilled that we will be able to stop by for at least one day of the reunion!  Last year was such a blessing!  We never dreamed we would have a chance to be here this year too!  Looking forward to seeing everyone! - Dave"
Hathaway, Wayne & Jeanie (Ediger) - Billings, MT - 6/24/05 - phone - "Jeanie and I won't be able to make it to the reunion this year. Jeanie's family is having a big reunion back on the family farm near her home town of Wolf Point, MT this summer. Since relatives will be coming who haven't seen each other in years, we feel that this event is our priority for this Summer. We have immensely enjoyed our participation in the NC reunions the past two years, and will miss being there this year. Please give our love to all our friends." - Wayne
Holbrook,Bill & Toni (Gibson) - Brainerd, MN - 6/26/05 - email - "We are sorry that we will be unable to attend.  Bill is Chaplain at Brainerd International Raceway - the date of the reunion is the same weekend as a family reunion & the largest NHRA race held in Brainerd It would be wonderful to be there to see others from the 60's!" -  Bill & Toni
Johnson, George & Joyce - North Delta, British Columbia - 7/16/05 - email - "My last email to you was sent with considerable enthusiasm as we felt it would be possible to juggle our  schedule around enough to be at the reunion, at least one day.  Unfortunately this is not now  possible.  So with regrets we will not be able to attend. Once again thank you for your efforts of finding us.  We really do look forward to the opportunity of getting together with you all when things work out. - Blessings" - George and Joyce Johnson
Johnston, Bill & Sharon (Hoskins) - Portland, OR / Swaziland - 7/11/05 - email - "We are in Portland right now.  Our daughter, April had a baby boy on the Fourth of July! I'll be gong back (to Swaziland) next week and Sharon a week later, so we'll miss this years reunion.  We are planning to be home next summer and will plan to attend next year, if there is a reunion."  - Bill & Sharon
Kriskovich, Jerry & Eileen - Billings, MT - 7/25/05 - email - "Eileen and I will not be able to attend this years reunion.  We just returned from spending four weeks of health care in the Seattle area and are unable to take anymore time this year from the office. Give our regards to all who attend and may the Lord's Presence be full in your midst as you renew relationships and especially worship and praise Him!" - Jerry
Larson, Dale & Phyllis (Danielson) - Woodinville, WA - 6/29/05 - phone - "I'm sorry, but it looks like we have a scheduling conflict. We have a wedding to participate in on Saturday afternoon. We had hoped the wedding would be in the evening so we could, at least come for part of the day, but it looks like we'll have to miss this year." - Dale
Lidstrom, Dale & Rita (Parker) - Carlinville, IL - 6/9/05 - Phone - "We'll not be able to be with you this year. I am currently in the Northwest, and will be ministering at Fruitland Camp next week and then will head to Carlinville, IL where Rita is presently setting up our new home. I will be ministering back east during the time of the reunion. Please give our love to all of our dear friends" - Dale Lidstrom
Litzenberger, Ken & Joan (Warden) - Houston, TX - 6/27/05 - email - "Ken and I just came back from a three week trip through the northwest.  I am so sorry to miss this reunion again.  As usual we are very busy in August with new international students arriving, so it is just bad timing for us.  God bless all you are doing for Him. - Ken and Joan"
Lustie, Al & Suzanne (Dawkins) - Littleton, CO -  6/15/05 - email - "This is amazing, really. The 60's reunion!  I'm proud of you, and of the way my Northwest College decade has remained in contact with each other in this day and age of dis-connect. Al and I can't come, that whole timing thing for school teachers.  School starts for me August 8th.  First day with kids is August 12th. I'll think of you, perhaps hum some favorite tunes as I think of you and work with these  amazing and at times truculent, kids God has allowed me to share my life with. Cheers," - Suzanne (Dawkins) Lustie
McAlexander, Norm & Judi (Larson) - Naperville, IL - 6/18/05 - email - "Sorry, but Norm and I won't be able to make it to the reunion this year.  I am out here in Washington now, getting my dad's household goods disposed of, so he can move into a retirement home.  We have really enjoyed coming the last few years, and hope to do it again in the near future." - Judi McAlexander

Miller, Dan - Lynden, WA - 7/25/05 - email - "Great to hear from you. Thanks for what you are doing. Would love to attend, especially since I live so close but we will be in the middle of a move. Keep me in mind for next year." - Dan Miller

Minton, Steve & Sue (White) - Portland, OR - 8/6/05 - phone - "I'm ministering this weekend at a camp for Darrell Elliot's church. Have had some great fellowship with some old college friends too. Sue and I can't make it to the reunion this year, but put us down for next year, 'cause  we really miss everybody". - Steve

Nelson, Arlyn & Sharon (Somonsen) - Bothell, WA - 6/27/05 - email - "We have a Nelson Family Reunion that weekend. It's the first one in about 25 years - so we won't be able to attend. Thanks for your emails - they're great to keep us up to date with everyone.  Blessings, - Arlyn & Sharon

Newman, Larry & Marlena - Wenatchee, WA - 8/1/05 - email - "Unless things change it looks like we will not make it to the reunion. Perhaps next time." - Larry Vern Newman

O'brien, Jack & Ardyth (Kinney) - San Jose, CA - 8/1/05 - email - "Jack & I will not be able to attend this year.  We so enjoyed last year and was looking forward to this year but we recently have had some medical setback.  On June 22nd Jack had an TIA. He is pacing himself and the doctor is keeping close watch over him. I have been diagnosised with Spinal Stenosis (narrowing of the spine) and on August 11th I will be having some injections in my spine and also will be starting therapy. We will plan and look forward to next year. Thank you for all the work and time you spend pulling this reunion together.  Greet everyone for us. - Ardyth O'Brien

Palmer, Joe & Cecilia - Missoula, MT - 7/21/05 - email - "Sorry but with family reunions and grand children, our jaunts to the west do not hit the same time frame as the reunion.  I am going to do a better job of planning for next year. - Joe and Cecelia Palmer"

Palmer, Merle & Eva - Missoula, MT - 5/14/05 - email - "I don't believe that Eva and I will be attending. Our summer is already loaded. I have a major project at the Glacier Bible Camp for this summer. I will need every free moment to complete the project." - Merle Palmer

Payne, Bonnalie (Moehlmann) - Yamhill, OR - 7/21/2005 - email - "Again, I will not be able to attend.  We have been booked up every weekend up through the beginning of September.  It will be a relief when summer is over then maybe we can spend some time by ourselves. Have a great time.  Wish I could see some of you again. - Bonnalie

Pearson, & Glenice (Coggins) - Lake Stevens, WA - 7/23/2005 - email -"Thank you for your call. Regretfully we will not be able to attend this year’s reunion as we will need to be in southern WA that weekend. Hopefully it will work out for us to be there next year. We will look forward to hearing all about it. We so enjoyed the reunion last year, and we’re sure this year will be wonderful as well. Thank you for all your hard work in making this special event happen! Blessings, - Glenice and Dave

Schmoll, Bob & Sheri (Blohm) - Portland, OR - 7/26/05 - Phone - "We would love to have been at the reunion. However, Sheri and I and our children will be in Southern California with Sheri's family. Twenty months ago, Sheri and I adopted our latest children, two little girls (27 months old now) from Guatamala. So here I am in my late 50's with two more little babies! This brings the number of our children to 9. We now have 4 sons and 5 daughters. I guess we're going for the record! Our best to everyone at the reunion." - Bob

Serles, Dave & Leanna (King) - Leavenworth, WA -  7/23/05 - email - "I am so disappointed that Dave and I will be unable to attend this year's reunion.  We have friends arriving from North Dakota .  We will look forward to attending next year (the Lord willing). Thank you, Elvin, for all your hard work and long hours you spend in putting this incredible event together, and for keeping us connected! Blessings. - Leanna

 Snyder, Jerry & Yvonne (Mitchell) - Salem, OR - 7/8/05 - email - "We are planning to attend the General Council at Denver and are staying the second week of August in Colorado for a vacation with my sister and brother. It sounds like the reunions have been a great time from those who have attended. Hopefully we can attend one in the future." - Jerry

Sorg, Lou & Mary (Wirth) - Sumner, WA - email 8/6/05 - "A personal situation arose, & we will not be able to attend the reunion this year." - Mary

Stone, Bob & Nancy - Bellingham, WA - email 8/8/05 - "So sorry we can't attend. Once again this year we have been invited by our grandchildren to go to Disneyland with them!  Grandma and Papa are very excited that they want us with them, as we know this won't last.  We'll take advantage of it while we can. We know you folks are going to have another wonderful Reunion and we'll be thinking about you! Love ya" - Bob and Nancy Stone

Tipon, Art & Cheryl (Bales) - Riverdale, GA - 7/24/05 - email - "I won't be able to be at this year's reunion, but I'll be thinking about all of you! and will mark it on next year's calendar for sure.  It's always a treat to get the updates. They are very much appreciated!
Thanks again" - Cheryl

Volin, Ray & Betty (Ballenger) - Rancho Murieta, CA - 7/29/05 - email -"Thanks for all the information about the upcoming NW Alumni 60's 2005 reunion.  Unfortunately, Ray and I will be unable to attend this year.  We so enjoyed and were blessed by the 2004 gathering and look forward to coming again in the near future.  Please greet everyone for us." - Ray & Betty

Wallace, Bob & Joan (Russell) - Bellevue, WA - 6/26/05 - email - "It is such a pleasure to see your familiar names from the past! I’m so sorry I can’t make the reunion as we will be traveling out of state at that time. I wish I could be there to get reacquainted. Perhaps next summer.  God Bless! - Joan

Wayne, Esther (Martin) - Dufer, OR - 6/27/05 - email - "I am sorry that I will not be able to attend the 60's reunion this August as that is the same time as our family reunion and with 2 ailing sisters, this may be the last one to see them so I need to be there.  Thank you for the invitation and putting me on the mailing list. Please record the Treble-Aires. I'd sure love to hear them -- and if anyone "speaks".  Please consider making a cassette (or CD) and having them for sale to those of us who cannot attend. Thanks, - Esther"

White, Calvin & Linda - Port Ludlow, WA - 7/4/05 - email - "I was hoping to attend, but took a closer look at my calendar and have a wedding Friday and another Saturday.  I have pastored here long enough that the young people that helped start the church are now of marriage age.  Perhaps next year.  Greetings to all." - Cal White
Wilkie, John & Mary Ann - Durant, FL - 6/25/05 - email - "John is presently in Uruguay teaching and taping for our series on Old Testament.  Our missionary retreat ends August 13th and then we will be coming to Washington but will miss the reunion.  We hope to attend next year." - Mary Ann

Wilkie, Owen - Battlefield, MO -  3/19/2005 - IM - "we'll be out west in July so will miss your August event. My brother John is planning to be out there in August." - Owen Wilkie