Picture of Mick Owings from the 1965 yearbook Picture of Mick & Darlene on 10/31/10
Michael "Mick" Owings
14030 SE Bush
Portland, Or.



In the Summer of 1963, Mick Owings had just graduated from High School in Milwaukiie, Oregon. Two area churches had joined together to sponsor a tent revival crusade with Evangelist Fuschsia Parrish (aka; Fuschsia Pickett Sister Drye, NU Alum Ron Drye's Mother, was her traveling companion and partner in ministry. Ron Drye, who had just completed his Freshman year at Northwest College, was ministering in music in that crusade. It was there that Mick first met Ron Drye and through Ron was introduced to Northwest College. Ron gave Mick a brochure and an application, which Mick promptly filled out and mailed. Within a few weeks, Mick was headed for Kirkland.

Mick recalls that the first person he encountered when he arrived in Kirkland was a young man on a Honda motorcycle.  Seeing Mick in a car packed full and looking somewhat lost, the fellow pulled along side and said, "Are you looking for Northwest College"?   "Sure am", Mick replied.  "Then follow me," the stranger said,  pulling ahead and leading onto the campus and right into the men's dormitory parking lot.  When Mick got out of the car, the motorcyclist introduced himself as Paul Wheeler, the ASB President.  He walked Mick into C.C. Beatty Residence Hall and introduced him to " Mom & Dad" Van Patten, who would be his new dorm parents.

That first year in the School dorm was a memorable one.  During the next 5 years, Mick would be a full and part-time student, living on campus and off as he worked his way through college.  During his first three years, he recalls great experiences singing and traveling with the Concert Choir.  He also reflects with awe upon the powerful spiritual emphasis week with Dr. Linfield Crowder, when the spiritual move resulted in the meetings being extended to a second week. Picture of Mick on November 18, 2015

In the summer of 1965, while home in Oregon on summer break, Mick attended the Old Fashioned Camp Meeting at Brooks, Oregon.  It was there, in the doorway of the old tabernacle, that Mick met Darlene Williams.  That meeting resulted in Mick making many trips from Kirkland to Sweet Home, Oregon during his Junior year.  On August 6, 1966, just before returning for his 4th year at NC, Mick and Darlene were married.  The next two years he would be a part-time student.  Due to a mix-up in scheduling, he was one class short of qualifying for his degree at the end of the 1968 school year.  That June, they had a new baby and an invitation to join the pastoral staff with Mick's Uncle, Richard Martin, at the Woodburn, OR A/G Church.  They accepted that invitation and Mick never did get back to finish his degree.

They were a little over 2 years in Woodburn with Richard Martin and then went on staff as youth ministers with Charles Parker at the Assembly in Gladstone, Oregon.  After another two years, they moved on to Oregon City where they served with Pastor Ken Hammer for 6 years, helping him through a church building program.  From there they accepted an invitation to assist L.D. Hall at Oak Grove Assembly of God for 2 years.  Then it was back to Oregon City, with Rev. Julius Jepson for 6 more years.  At the end of their service with Pastor Jepson, Mick and Darlene accepted their first position as Senior Pastor's in Willamina, Oregon, where they served for 6 years. Their next pastorate was at the Assembly of God Church in Glide, Oregon, near Roseburg.  Mick and Darlene retired from full-time pastoral ministry in 1994. Mick worked in insurance and mobile home sales, until heart bypass surgery and other medical problems led to his retirement and medical disability in October 2005.

In July of 2011 Mick and Darlene moved from Wilsonville, Oregon to Leavenworth, WA.   Their move to Leavenworth allowed them to be near their daughter and son-in-law.  Health and finances are a constant challenge for them both. Mick's health has led to his transition to a care center in Portland. Darlene remains in Levenworth, WA.

Mick and Darlene have two children, Lee and Kathlynne.  Lee graduated from Bethany College and is married to Beth Forbes, who has an AA degree from NU.  They live in Vancouver, Washington and have three children, David, Ryan and Allison.  Kathlynne is married to NU grad, Bryan Anderson. They have no children and live in Leavenworth, WA.

Article updated, photo added 03/06/16