Wayland Waggoner fall semester at NC 1963

Wayland Waggoner

1945 - 2003

Wayland Waggoner was born on July 14, 1945. He graduated from Canyonville Bible Academy in Canyonville, Oregon in the spring of 1963. Along with his best friend, Darrell Lake, he enrolled at Northwest College that fall. They both withdrew after one semester at Northwest, due to the constraints of finances, and ended up in the Army. In the words of his friend, Darrell, "Wayland spent a horrendous tour in Vietnam which no doubt scarred his life, somewhat, however, no one would ever know."

On September 14, 1968, Wayland married the love of his life, Kay Thomas. He and Kay were married 35 years, and had three wonderful children, Ashley, Barrett and Tyler. He was a wonderful husband and father who loved his children and grandchildren dearly.

Wayland received a degree in accounting from Boise State University, and was licensed with the Idaho State Board of Accountancy as a Certified Public Accountant in 1978. He worked for a few different companies before being hired by Albertsons. He was the director of sales tax and licenses at the Albertsons headquarters in Boise for 16 years before he retired due to his illness in 2003.

Wayland was a loving, and fun-loving man who loved to laugh and play practical jokes. For insight into this side of his nature, see the article "Wayland Memories" by Darrell Lake.

Throughout his life, Wayland was involved in his community with coaching youth, Toastmasters, and all kinds of volunteer work. He was also an excellent baker and enjoyed woodworking.

Wayland died in his home in Boise, Idaho on December 31, 2003 after a long battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Concerning Wayland's Memorial service on Januray 8, 2004, his friend Darrell Lake said, "There wasn't an available seat, nor a dry eye in the place that cold wintery Thursday."