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Norm & Judi (Larson) McAlexander
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In the fall of 1963, little did Judi Larson realize what life would hold when she left Moses Lake, Washington, where her father, Levi Larson, was the Pastor, and headed for Northwest College.  During her three years at NU, Judi was very active in music ministry.  In her first year, she sang with the Concert Choir,  the Ladies GleeWomen's Ensemble, and in a trio with Sharon Askew and Janice Talor.  In her second year, she started singing with Rita Parker & Carolyn DeGroot.  When Rita wasn't able to return to school,  Sharon Cook joined the group which became The Gospel-Lites.  This trio, with Anita Benskin as their pianist, toured for the college as a PR group in the summer of 1965.

  (Click the song title to hear the Gospel Lites Trio sing, "My Friend and I" from their 1965 record album).

In the spring of 1966, Judi graduated from NU with an AA in pre-education, and went on to Vanguard (Southern California College) University where she was part of another traveling PR team and graduated with a BA in Sociology. For the next 8 years she worked as a public school teacher, teaching grades K-5. During that time, she received her MA in Elementary Education.

In 1970, Judi married Norman McAlexander, a mechanical designer. They lived in Southern California (Alhambra, Covina, & San Dimas) until 1978 when they moved to Kennewick, WA. After leaving Kennewick, they lived in New Hampshire and Tennessee before moving to Naperville, IL, 30 miles west of Chicago, where they lived until late summer 2014. Each move was due to Norm's job ... and God's plan. During her 20+ years in the classroom, Judi has taught in a variety of areas. In her later years of teaching, her work she was an ELL (English Language Learner) teacher.

Judi and Norm have two daughters, Erin (36), and Kaylen (33), who is an NU graduate and and lives in Woodinville, WA in an apartment on the property of her Uncle Dale Larson.

In 2003 Norm came down with a severe stomachache one Sunday in church. That afternoon he was taken to the ER and by evening, he was in ICU diagnosed with pancreatitis. They had no clue as to how or why. The next several weeks were difficult, as one thing lead to another. He finally ended up at the University of Chicago Hospital. He is now a permanent diabetic, as his pancreas is gone, but he is doing well.

In July of 2007, Judi went in for surgery on a cerebral AVM (arteriovenous malformation; Def: birth defect in which there is an abnormal connection between the arteries and veins in the brain.) A hemorrhage during/after surgery happened, so she spent August of that year in the hospital. She is now on disability. Through all these things, God has been faithful time after time.

Judi is sister to NU Alums Dale, and David Larson.  Their parents were Rev. Levi and Esther Larson, long time pastors in the Oregon and Northwest Districts of the Assemblies of God. Rev. Larson died September 2007, just 3 months short of his 101st birthday. Here is a picture taken at Levi Larson's100th Birthday celebration.

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