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Phyllis in the Choralites Trio from the 67 yearbook Dale & Phyllis in the Norwestones 1967 Dale Larson in 1968

For a number of years now, Dale and Phyllis have invested themselves in the KidsQuest ministry with Steve & Mindy Benintendi in Thailand.  Again this spring, they were in Thailand.  On march 26th, Dale sent the following message and photo.

March 26, 2009

"Today is the last of 3 days of training with Steve and Mindy Benintendi and me on KidsQuest.  This is in preparation for a Lisu tribal family camp next month were we will be ministering to 100 to150 Lisu kids and families. Here is a picture I just took of the children we are working with from a Lisu hill tribe village in northern Thailand."

KidsQuest picture

April 23, 2009

"I am back in Thailand with Steve and Mindy Benintendi and we have just completed the third of four intense days of the Lisu family camp. We have one more day to go.

I returned to Thailand last Friday after four days at home. Following our previous time with the Lisu, we spent another week in Thailand and then went to Hong Kong. Phyllis joined us there and we trained a team from International Christian Assembly (formerly pastored by Ken and Linda Benintendi) in the KidsQuest program.

I've attached a couple of photos to illustrate the contrast. One week in a large church auditorium with the latest in audio, visual and lighting technology, this week in a leaf roofed shed with a dirt floor.

KidsQuest picture

KidsQuest Picture

God loves children no matter where they are. This has been a growing and learning experience. There is a tremendous need for discipleship and training of children here. Anyone who is interested in what we have been doing with KidsQuest can find out at



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