Photo of Selwyn Larsen from the 1964 NU YearbookSel & Jan Larsen
Picture of Selwyn and Jan (Barton-Parrish) Larson1411 N. Rustlers Roost
Dewey, AZ  86327

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Selwyn came to NU from Ferndale, WA in the fall of 1963 and was a student there until 1967.  He lived in the dorm the first year and worked off campus for Standard Oil Company of California (Chevron). During those years in the Kirkland area, he was an off-campus, part-time student being a full time husband and dad. In 1967, he transferred to the University of Washington. In 1970, he was almost finished with his four year degree in business when Standard Oil transferred him to Phoenix, AZ.

In 1974, after almost 11 years with Standard Oil, Selwyn resigned to go on staff at a large Church of God in Phoenix. He served as their business administrator for 6 years.  From 1980 to 1987 he ran a plumbing company in Phoenix and then was reemployed at Chevron where he worked until his retirement in 2005. During his last 17 years with Chevron he worked at the San Francisco HQ’s, the Richmond Refinery, the LaHabra, CA offices, and then returned to the Phoenix, AZ area in the late 90s.  He was assigned to their Global Lubricants Division and managed the Wax Business Unit until he retired.

Selwyn writes:
"I was married to Lowie from 1964 until 1987.  In 1990, I married Sharon Grande who had been very active in Women’s Aglow. (Some of the Lynnwood Aglow folks would probably remember her.) We lived in Orange County CA in those years.  She passed away from cancer in 1999, shortly after Chevron moved us back to the Phoenix area to be closer to our kids and grandkids.  In 2000 I married Jan Barton Parrish.   I had met Jan in the mid-70’s but lost track of her for many years.  Ironically, she had lived a few short blocks from my family farm in Ferndale for many years and went to my home church in Ferndale with my parents and other friends.  We lived in Glendale, AZ until I retired in 2005, when we moved to a cooler climate in the Prescott, AZ area and into our new home that we built ourselves.

We are active in Bradshaw Mountain Assembly here and between us have four kids – some married – and six grandkids all living in the Phoenix area – a short 1 to 2 hours away. Jesus is STILL the #1 spot in our lives.  We’ve both been blessed beyond measure."