recent picture of Gary and SharrolPicture of Gary from the 1964 Northwest College YearbookGary & Sharrol Henley - (NU '61-64)

Gary writes, "I came from rock ‘n roll radio disc jockey to faith in Christ in 1961, and immediately registered at Northwest College. At the time I entered school, I was already married to Sharrol, and we had an 18 month-old daughter. On Christmas day of that year, our son of four months was killed in an automobile accident in Bellevue. Three years later, the Lord gave us another daughter, Cheri’.
    The first three years I worked a 40 hour week in a factory and carried an average of 16 semester hours. I believe I was the first one given permission for that schedule by Dean Dan Pecota.
    I was in the class of 1965, but dropped out of school in December ’64 to work in inner city ministry in Chicago. During that year I had been working as intern pastor in Seattle. From 1965 to 1971, I worked at city evangelism, trained churches to do the same, and planted two churches on the west side of Chicago. In 1971, I moved to Irving, Texas, where I worked as a tent-maker in investment real-estate while planting a church. This church, like those in Chicago, had a format of small-groups or home-churches for the first 15 years. In 1987, we grew to 700+ people, and built a building. I left that church three years later to found a cross-cultural mission organization.

Since 1991, our focus has been World Missions.

Until all have heard,
Gary & Sharrol Henley"
(article submitted 2009)