David Harrison Honored by Northwest University

Picture of Dave Harrison receiving an awardSeptember 11, 2010 at Calvary Christian Assembly there was an estimated 300-500 people who attended a 50th Anniversary Celebration for Dave and Sherry (Padovan) Harrison of Arlington, WA.
Northwest Ministry Network Superintendent and Chairman of the Northwest University Board of Directors, Les Welk, presented Dave with a "Distinguished Meritorious Alumnus" award, and an "AA Degree in Religion" issued from Northwest University.

Dave said he was shocked and overwhelmed by the honors bestowed on him that day. Dave explains the background behind the AA degree.

I started at NC when it was still the old NBI, and was taking the old diploma program. I was going to school part time and working full time during the change-over. In the last quarter of 62 I lost more credits than I gained because the school was working hard to gain accreditation and could no longer give credit for some of the NBI courses. So, I left NC in 1962 with no diploma, and no degree.

The faculty and board of directors did some checking and decided that I had earned an AA degree in religion, and Les Welk as President of the Board of Directors presented me with the degree.

My nephew, Bennett Olsson, came up to me after the program to congratulate me, and said, "Hey uncle Dave, you and I are in the same graduating class!"

Sherry and I are very grateful for the opportunity to serve the various Ethnic language groups here in the northwest, following our service in Brazil, and we thank the NWMN and Northwest University for the great honors heaped upon us!

Here is a link to a facebook photo album from the Harrison 50th Anniversary celebration