Picture of Larry Hardy 2004

Larry Hardy's Personal update:

December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

As I reflect back on this past year. I must give God a BIG THANKS for all He has done these past years in my life. I not only got to celebrate my Birthday, but also my Fifty Fourth Wedding Anniversary. Plus I got to take my wife on a trip to Victoria Canada, to Idaho, to Montana, and this past month to Branson Missouri.

These past couple of years I have often wondered,

    All Things are possible with God banner
  1. When was God going to heal me?
  2. Would I get me strength back?
  3. Was there another shoe that was going to drop?
  4. Would I ever be able to work in my wood shop again?
  5. Would I be able to minister again?
Let me answer these questions.
  1. God is healing me daily, for I am now getting stronger and walking around with a cane.
  2. Yes my strength is coming back, slowly, but coming back.
  3. No shoe has fallen but if it does in the future, it will be for God’s glory.
  4. Yes, I have spent a number of days these past number of months making sawdust. Enclosed below is a picture of one of my favorite creations.
  5. Yes I have been able to once again minister telling my testimony by giving out my story (track), and ministering in churches and to leadership groups.

Through this past couple of years, I have and am still learning, that no matter what happens to me or no matter what ever I will go through, I am in the palm of His hand. It’s my responsibility to let Christ’s love flow through me to who ever I come across. My God is faithful for He will not allow me to go though more than I can handle. And His hand is on the outcome. My prayer request for 2016 is that I will be faithful to always stand tall as a witness for Christ. In the palm of His hand, there is a peace that is un-explainable and wonderful.


Larry Hardy