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Larry Hardy's Personal update:

December 16, 2014

Pudji Tuhan, again I say Pudji Tuhan

I have people ask me, does prayer really work? Let me report to you that PRAYER REALLY WORKS.

Oncologist, Dr. Zhang, after viewing the CT Scan, told us that the three tumors on my lungs are dormant and show no new growth. And the nodules that were on the June CT Scan are no where to be found (gone). The tumor on my kidney and on my pancreas showed only a 5% growth. Dr Zhang was elated and doesn’t want to see me for three months. Thanks for all your prayers.

Today, we went to see Dr. Balousek (the CyberKnife doctor). After viewing the MRI, he told us the tumor located in #4 vertebra is showing no new growth and looks dormant. It looks like it may have formed a hardness like scar tissue. This is good for it is helping to hold the vertebra together and keeping it from collapsing. His ending comment to us was, “enjoy your life.”

Thank you for all your prayers for this past year. This has been a very interesting year that has taken me from almost dying from a perforated ulcer, to extreme pain from a tumor in the center of my lower back. This year He has taught us many valuable lessons. He has also allowed us to tell many people of God’s healing, protecting, love and Salvation power. I have been truly blessed this year.

Please continue to pray for Juanita and I as we tell others about Christ’s greatness in our life. Pray for me to get stronger, gain my balance again and learn how to deal with the sciatic pain in my right leg and hip.

During this Christmas season, don’t forget to say thanks to Jesus for all He has done. If you do not know Him personally, just call on His name (Jesus) and ask Him into your heart. You will feel a peace that only He can give. Please let me know so that I can help you get to know Him better.

Merry Christmas to all our friends, prayer partners and supporters.

Pudji Tuhan, Pudji Tuhan (Praise the Lord)

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