Picture of Larry Hardy 2004

Larry Hardy's Personal update:

September 7, 2011,

The time has come once again to have my quarterly cancer checkup. Last week I had an extensive checkup. This morning (Thur. 7th.) The wife and I went in to see Dr. Z. to get a reading of what these tests showed. Four of the cancer growths (lungs and kidney) were the same size as the previous three checkups, but the growth on the pancreas may have enlarged ½ to 1 centimeter. It was suggested to keep doing what I am doing and not take any additional action at this time, but again wait another three months and test again. I am still feeling great with no symptoms.

I praise and thank God for his work in my life and body. I am still given many opportunities to share God’s greatness, love, and healing power. Example: while taking this last extensive tests, I got to share with 4+ people all that God has done in my life over the last 30+ years. Each one listened and took notes, but I could see skepticism of what I was telling them in their faces. God is allowing me to plant the seeds of his greatness and I am learning the importance of letting God watered the seeds. Thank you for all your prayers, your encouraging e-mails, and cards. They are much appreciated and they seem to always arrive at the right time. Please continue to pray with me for complete healing, for the opportunities to share God’s greatness, and for Dr. Z., And Dr. W.

An update on my dear friends Dennis P. and Missionary Terry J. Dennis is now finishing up his second round of treatment and he is feeling so good that planning on working tonight. This is a true answer to prayer for the doctors told him that he was going to be one sick person going through this treatment. Missionary Terry is still doing the chemo/radiation on a daily basis and he also is not feeling any side affects other then being a little more tired. Terry is now walking up to 4 miles a day. The doctors are amazed and told him that he is a strong man with a brain tumor. Please continue to pray for Dennis and for Terry. With God all things are possible. God is not done with us yet, for He as plans for us that we know not and they are all laid out for us after and during these challenges.

God bless and again thanks for all your prayers.

God Bless

Larry Hardy