Photo of Elaine Eoff in 1965 Photo of Elaine Eoff in 2003 Paul & Elaine (Eoff) Hey  (NC 63-65)
601 Fillmore St.
Caldwell,ID 83605

(208) 880-9524 (Elaine)
(480) 265-1226 (Paul)

Elaine came to Northwest College in the fall of 1963 along with several other graduates of Canyonville Bible Academy High School in Canyonville, OR. Elaine has loved and excelled in music since her childhood. While at Canyonville Bible Academy, she sang and traveled with the CBA Girls Trio. The girls made an album, and were recognized as an outstanding young girls trio. They were promoted by the Oregon District, and had opportunities to sing at the Brooks Camp Meeting, and in churches all around the State of Oregon.

During her two years at Northwest College, she sang and traveled with the Concert Choir under the direction of Sister Dorothy Amundsen. She was a featured soprano soloist in two of the sermon's in song. In the summer of 1964 she traveled with the "Vision-Aires" girls trio representing the college as a PR team. picture of the Vision-Aires Trio 1965 The Vision-Aires Trio was made up of Elaine Eoff, Judi Versolenko, Jeannie Ediger with Anita Wheeler as their pianist.

After leaving Northwest College she moved to Texas where she married, and lived for many years. While there she had three children, two boys and a girl. The younger of the two boys, Beau, died in an accident when he was just a toddler. Her older Son, Ladd and daughter Honi both live in Graham, TX. Elaine's Daughter, Honi has been a professional Bluegrass musician with her own band called, "Honi Deaton & Dream" from Suwanee, GA. She is now the worship leader, and Choir Director at Faith Center Assembly of God in Graham where her brother, Ladd, formerly served as Pastor.

Picture of the cover of Elaine's Album In 1989 Elaine recorded an album titled, "I Lift Your Name", at American Music Recording Studio in Caldwell. This album was unique in that it contained eleven of Elaine's own original songs written over the years since college. That album has now been digitized and is available on CD. On the right is picture of the album cover.

Click the album cover to hear audio clips of Elaine's songs.

Following divorce from her first husband, and father of her children, Elaine returned to her home town of Caldwell, Idaho in the early 90's.  Over the years she has worked as a private piano and voice teacher in Caldwell.  Elaine had been the caregiver to her aging mother who suffered from Parkinson's disease. Since her mom passed away Elaine has continued to spend her time between her home in Caldwell, Idaho, and Graham, TX where her children and grandchildren live.

(article updated 6/9/14)