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Ron Drye

Post Liver Transplant Journal

Picture of Ron and Grace Drye in 2006

August 8, 2014

After several years on the liver transplant waiting list, Ron's turn finally came up on Sunday, May 18, 2014 in Charleston, SC. With only a few hours notice, he went into surgery in the early hours of that Sunday morning.

Ron and Grace had gone to Charleston several weeks earlier where they rented an apartment in order to be in close proximity to the medical facility where the transplant would take place.

Below is a chronological record of the post-transplant updates that Ron posted on his facebook page during the 10 weeks they remained in Charleston following his surgery. Ron and Grace arrived back home in Texarkana, TX on the Saturday we were gathered in Sedro-Woolley for the 2014 60s Alumni Reunion.

Monday, May 19th - Day 1

Sitting up in chair at bedside visiting with my family. Thanks for all your prayers!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 20th - Day 2

Up and walking several times during the early morning hours. I am now getting the family history of all my nurses. The doctors tell me there has been nothing unexpected and am doing well, thank you for your prayers!

Wednesday, May 21st - Day 3

Much more aggressive with therapy today, physicians tell me I'm still doing very well. Looking forward to seeing all my relatives and friends, thanks again for your support and prayers!

Thursday, May 22nd - Day 4

Discharged from the hospital today, Just arrived at our apartment In Charleston and am awaiting my first home health visit. Again, thank you so much for the prayers. Can't wait to see everyone!

Friday May 23rd - Day 5

We made it back to our little apt. here in Charleston after discharge from the Med Center. I don't have much of an immune system and am safer here than in the hospital.

We will go every morning to the med center for lab and to see a host of wonderful, caring people. I can't believe what a great gift has been given to me. I am deeply touched that someone died and I was afforded life. This all sounds like an incredible sermon. Doesn't it.?

My sons, Ben and John, are returning to their work and families today. We would not have gone through this time without their love and care and tending to details. I do love those two guys... always have...more now than ever.

Grace is caring for my newborn liver with fantastic care. What did I ever do to have her love and partnering with me . My sister, Glenda, talks with my sister, Janis, every evening to update her on my behalf. Thanks, everyone, for your love, prayers, and interest at this time of my life. We love you all. Please pray I will remain healthy and no signs of rejection will come. The Lord really is the strength of my life.

Saturday, May 24th - Day 6

The incision is healing and hurting. I have what is called a Mercedes cut because it looks like the Mercedes car ornament. No lab today, but home health will stop by. I do love to read your comments and am warmed in spirit that you would take the time to do that. Are those flowers on the porch blooming a little brighter today? Could be. I am exactly where I need to be... my life is in His hands.

Tuesday, May 27th - Day 9

Grace and I spent most of our time at the Med Center. Labs are done early and then comes evaluations by physicians, coordinators, etc. Pharmacy adds or deletes meds from your med card. I have been having some problems leaking at the incision. Since it is a fairly large incision, it has been troublesome. Meds are tweaked most every day regarding dosage, time of dose, etc. I have a ways to go but am doing ok. We continue, by all means, to praise God for His children around the world who stand with us in prayer. Thank you for your cards and wonderful words of encouragement. Please continue to pray healing will continue. He is the strength of our lives.

Wednesday, May 28th - Day 10

So many ask how to pray. Maybe this will help:Will have another sonogram in the morning. The stent may have become kinked, leakage where sewed to new liver, bile duct dilated, or something else. Pick one or two and pray with confidence that any corrections can be made without delay. I think that will really help. Thank you!

Friday, May 30th - Day 12

Today has been a rough day and really great day. Had to go back to Med Center for lab this morning. Potassium was a little high. Did another stick and waited for the results. Results came back with a 6.0 so orders followed for the rest of the day. Mucho IV fluids but next lab showed 6.5. This brought my surgeon to say to me, "Welcome to the ride."

I was feeling a little shaky by the time I had been administered the insulin, IV with glucose, and kxylate (msp). Became a little concerned with next lab of 7.2. I am sure the plan would be to admit me, but I received a call from Texarkana with love and prayer and what do you know... the lab done again was 5.2. Am back in our apartment reviewing low potassium diet and meds. Will stop Bactrim. Don't forget He knows our name! He knows our needs. He never leaves our side!
We love you all,
Ron and Grace

Tuesday, June 3rd - Day 16

A full day at the med center. I can't seem to drink enough water, so I supply the arm, they supply the fluid. The big event was a biopsy of the new liver to make sure it was doing well. Haven't heard anything yet. I really hope the rest of the week will be more quiet; we'll see. - Ron

Thursday, June 5th - Day 18

No more lab or clinic or hospital until Monday. We hope you have a great weekend. I am going to try to go read a book by the ocean.Our love to you all. - Grace and Ron Drye

Thursday, June 12th - Day 25

So...today is Thursday and we are thankful to be this far on the journey. All those staples came out Monday and when we look at my abdomen we think about the surface of the moon. I should stop and give a discourse on nerve endings, but Grace says no. Here's what we were told at clinic on Monday:

Sometime before the end of the week I will write a nondescript letter of gratitude to the donor family. There is no guarantee they will want to respond at all. This unknown person whose liver I now call mine will be such an intimate part of me for the rest of my life.

Grace and I are completely amazed by the FB posts, cards, etc. sent our way. The battle and the risks are not over. However, the Lord is so very close and we are SO grateful. That will surely be our theme for some years should Jesus tarry.

Tuesday, June 24th - Day 37

Spent the morning at med center.

  1. Potassium in high range of normal. PTL
  2. Liver panel was normal. PTL
  3. BUN and Creatnine still up but maybe trending a little down . According to transplant docs. The kidneys take a hit durIng liver transplant surgery.
  4. Yet another anti-rejection drug coming.
  5. Weight loss around 30 lbs.
  6. Lab changed to weekly. PTL
  7. Stent will be taken out sometime in 2 weeks.
  8. Home?

Our Love,
Grace and Ron Drye

Tuesday, July 1st - Day 44

The next things to happen are:

  1. Removal of stent
  2. Adding the next anti-rejection med
  3. Lab days are Monday and Thursday.
  4. Next clinic day is July 14.

My agenda is to talk further about the kidney and push for a "go home" date. Their agenda?

Whenever you pray please mention our names.

Thank you and our love.
Grace and Ron Drye

Wednesday, July 9th - Day 53

Here is the plan:

  1. The stent placed at time of transplant will be removed in the morning. I am ready for a nice nap.
  2. I anticipate that Monday will be when we are introduced to the next anti-rejection med and will lower the dosage of my enemy, Prograf. It will also bring Doctor Trotter, from Baylor, back into the loop anticipating transfer back to Baylor in Dallas. Then it should be time to turn the little Nissan westward.

Thank you for your prayers.
Grace and Ron

Friday, July 11th - Day 55

Stent is out and we will see what Clinic day on Monday holds. Another quiet weekend, way down South, yall.

Wednesday, July 16th - Day 60

Hello from Charleston, SC. It all looked so strange when we first arrived. Now we will miss this Southern Oasis. However... coming home in about 2 weeks! Will now be followed by my physician at Baylor in Dallas. We are living proof of answered prayer and grace.

Monday, July 21st - Day 65

Today, Grace and I celebrate our 47th anniversary.I tell you, the woman is a saint!

Wednesday, July 23rd - Day 67

The sun is shining brightly here. One more lab draw in the a.m. If it checks out ok, we will start home Friday morning. Our son, Johnathan, is flying in to help us drive home. I've got fingers and toes and eyes all crossed!

Saturday, July 26th - Day 70

Not completely well but a far cry from a few short weeks ago.Please don't take us completely off your prayer list yet. And thank you for the incredible acts of kindness.What now? God knows and we will follow.Our love to you all.