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Picture of Wayne Coggins in the 1969 Karisma yearbookPicture of Wayne Coggins in March 2017

Wayne & Marveen Coggins

Cornerstone Family Ministries
P.O. Box 8253
Nikiski, AK 99635>
(907) 252-2036  


I went to Northwest College (University) from spring quarter (tri-mester I guess might be a better term) of 1965 until the spring of 1969.  I thought I was going to graduate but when we did the graduation audit we discovered that I had more than enough credits total but was three credits short in the Greek requirement.  I only took two of the three quarters from Dr. Dan.  So, I did not graduate from Northwest.  It was January of 1996 (almost thirty years later) that I actually completed my  degree from Cornerstone Graduate School in Virginia.  I got a BA in Biblical Studies and a Masters of Theological Studies at the same time.  Two years later, in 1998 I got my Masters in Counseling from the same school.  Never did walk the plank (aisle) for any of those degrees...just went out to dinner to celebrate.  Wish my dad had been alive to enjoy the moments.
I started working as youth pastor at Redmond Assembly in 1967 and did that until 1969 when I started Teenonymous Youth Crisis Center on Rose Hill, between Kirkland and Redmond.  Did that for about a year or so and then came to Alaska in November of 1971. 
Once in Alaska, my first assignment was to pastor Homer Assembly of God which I did for a few years before doing interim pastoring in Fairbanks and then in Nome.  After that I accepted a position as administrator at the Charismatic Bible College which was a part of Abbott Loop Christian Center.  I did that for about a year and then was ordained as a pastor at that church.  I served as a pastor, Bible College teacher and worship leader at Abbott Loop from 1974 until 1980 when I took a church planting team of 50 people to the Washington DC area where we started what is now Cornerstone Christian Center.  In 1983 I returned to Alaska to help begin what is now known as Anchorage City Church.  In 1985 I founded Cornerstone Family Ministries and returned to the Washington DC area where I traveled and did seminars and counseling through that ministry.  I still operate a counseling office in Alaska through CFM.  In about 1989 I once again returned to Alaska where I did counseling for various churches in the Anchorage area and did some traveling doing seminars and retreats around Alaska and the lower 48.  In 1991 I founded Seward Christian Fellowship.  In about 1995 I joined the staff of Cornerstone Clinic (a counseling and medical clinic in Anchorage).  While working full time there, I also served as interim pastor at Sand Lake Baptist Church, Mountain View Baptist Church (both in Anchorage) and at Skyline Family Fellowship (a Free Methodist Church in Eagle River Alaska (an Anchorage suburb).  Also during the late 90's I worked for New Life Clinics West conducting Christian therapy groups in the mental health unit at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage.   And, during the late '90s my wife and I led a single adult ministry called Single on Sunday in Anchorage.  During 2000, my wife and I spent the year living in a cabin in the mountains above Steamboat Springs, C0 during which time I wrote a book.  We returned to Alaska for a year after the 9/11 tragedy occurred but then spent another year in Colorado where I had a counseling office at the base of Mt. Werner.  In 2004, I accepted an invitation to pastor North Kenai Chapel on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska and have been there from that time until the present. Whew, makes me weary just thinking about all of those transitions. 
My wife, Marveen, and I were married in 1991.  I met her through my good friends, Red and Vicky Boucher.   Vicky and Marveen are sisters.  Marveen was working for the Alaska State Legislature as chief of staff for an Anchorage senator so spent five months each year in Juneau.  I proposed to her in Juneau on a little peninsula of land jutting out into the ocean where the Shrine of St. Terese sits. 
  Wayne's Book, Adventures of an Alaskan Preacher Wayne's Book, Adventures of an Alaskan Preacher Wayne's Book, Adventures of an Alaskan Preacher
I have three books in print.  In the first one which came out in about 2004, I was one of thirty contributing authors.  This book on marriage was edited by Ken Musko and titled, "Lovers For Life."  In 2007, my book, "Adventures of An Alaskan Preacher" was published by Magnus Press.  Then, in 2017 a third book, "More Adventures of an Alaskan Preacher" was released. These books are availabe on Amazon or can be obtained through links on my website. 

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