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Newsletter November 2017

Newsletter November 2017

It was a busy summer and fall and now that there is snow on the ground and temps are getting down near zero, I figure it is time (past time) to communicate with you all. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and as I have done for the past 32 years, I plan to individually thank God on Thanksgiving Day for all the recipients of this CFM newsletter. Some folks in the church (third year running) have given us a gift certificate for two nights and a complimentary dinner at Land’s End Resort in Homer so we will spend a few days over the Thanksgiving time there.

It has been a difficult season for Marveen with the passing away of her stepmother, Roberta, about a month ago. She went to be with the Lord while Marveen was out in Colorado. At age 90 and, suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, she was ready to head to the blessings of heaven that awaited her. Marveen and her family often referred to Roberta as an angel because of the incredible way that she cared for their disabled father. She was an amazingly kind and gentle person who is now joining with the other “angels” in the presence of God.

Mamma Bear + 3

It was a bit of a soggy summer up here in the north country. Seemed like we never did get more than a day between rainstorms. So, as usual, we just put on the rain gear and were able to take a number of friends out fishing on the Kenai River for silvers. Silver fishing was excellent at times with lots of very large and feisty fish! Had no problems with bear encounters on the river but did have an interesting one at our house. Marveen was in Colorado and one Sunday morning I had several guests at the house, three from Anchorage and one from New Hampshire, when I heard a lot of thumping and bumping as they scrambled to windows overlooking the backyard where there was a large mamma black bear and THREE little cubs. Mamma Bear heard the commotion and shushed the cubs up a tree before turning around to square off with the source of the

noise should it be a threat to her and her little crew. The visitors got some pictures with which to remember that exciting moment! A mother bear with cubs is nothing to mess with.

Counseling and Books

I am continuing to do counseling in my Kenai office and want to thank those of you who so faithfully have supported that ministry financially over the years. As always, a large percentage of the folks I work with have little money to pay for that service so it is others like you who keep the doors open and lights on. Thank you again!

Book sales of my two books continue to move along, perhaps not as actively as in past years, but, still, folks are finding the books and now and then let me know that they have been blessed or encouraged in one way or another by what they have read. If you would like to send copies of either book as Christmas gifts, just let me know and I can sign and personalize them and get them off to you quickly.


May you find much to be thankful for in your life. This Saturday is Veteran’s Day and I am certainly grateful for those who have served our country and protected our freedom. Sunday, we will take about a half hour to honor the veterans in our church and I have asked one of our church elders, Army veteran, Dave Tiegen, to do that preaching. When the service ends, I plan to give small flags to every person in attendance and we will all tromp through the snow and surround the sign we have in front of our three flags (Alaska, US, and Pow/Mia) and sing the National Anthem! I am going to attach a picture of the sign which says: “With Gratitude Veterans – Honored and Remembered.”

God Bless You!

Wayne and Marveen Coggins

Picture of the Veterans Memorial

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