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Newsletter March 2017

Dear Friends:

It must be spring someplace in the country but you sure can’t tell it here. There are mountains of snow and it has been zero or below for the past couple of weeks. But, the Iditarod Dogsled Race is underway to Nome and daylight savings time kicks in this weekend, so the skeeters and mud puddles can’t be too far off.

MORE Adventures of an Alaskan Preacher
The exciting thing here is that I just got delivery of my copies of the sequel to my first book and they are now available. It has been for sale for a couple of months on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords in the e-version, but, now is available from several sources in the hard copy paperback. I will attach a picture of me with the first copy out of the box and one of me standing between enlarged copies of both of the books. The books can be ordered through Amazon, Raven Publishing, or from me directly if you wish to have me sign and personalize a book for you or your friends and family as gifts.

Single copies are $14.00 plus $3.75 for first class postage from me. Two or three copies are $14.00 each and if mailed together need to go priority flat rate for $6.65 postage.

For my last book several folks bought a bunch of the books (25 or more) and gave them as Christmas or birthday books. I can mail 25 in a medium flat rate box and the postage is only $13.60 for the whole batch.

If you wish for me to personalize the books for people, just email or mail me a list of their names and perhaps something pertinent that may make it more meaningful…i.e. someone who has always wanted to visit Alaska, loves to fish, or a pastor who is in need of a good adventure in the northland himself.

FYI…there were almost 10,000 copies of my first book printed (three printings) and I still regularly get emails from folks who have just read it or it came into their lives at just the right time when they needed a boost in their faith that God really is a faithful God! I still have a couple hundred copies of the first book left but Raven Publishing has reprinted the book as a “second edition” so that edition is available through them, Amazon, or from me personally. Both books published by Raven are available in the electronic versions via Kindle or Smashwords.

Raven Publishing is located in Norris, Montana and they can be reached through their website which is ( Janet Hill, the publisher, is also an author herself and has a number of books out including a wonderful series of books for young people about a special horse. She is an excellent writer and it has been a pleasure to work with her on this project. She is Marveen’s cousin. I am so thankful she was willing to publish my books when the fine folks at Magnus Press retired from the publishing business.

I might add, I cannot thank Marveen enough for her labor of love in proof-reading the manuscript of these books many times over. I tend to read past numerous spelling, grammar and punctuation errors and be blind as a bat to their glaring existence.

Wayne Coggin new book cover

On the home front…
Besides the excitement of the new book, things are going well here in Nikiski. Marveen got back a week or so ago from five weeks in Colorado (caring for her mother’s affairs and spending time with her). She was so glad to get home but two days later she came down with a bad cold and is just now starting to feel fairly normal. I have been busy as usual with counseling at my Kenai office as well as at the church office in Nikiski. Attendance has been blossoming at the church on Sunday mornings, but also on Wednesday nights when the church is almost full for the share a dish dinners and then splits off into four groups, the adults, the FBI (younger kids group called Faithful Bible Investigators), the high school group, and another group of young adults just out of high school.

We just did our annual fundraiser/share a dish/talent show to benefit the Fetters, who are missionaries to the Karen (pronounced Care-in) people who live in very dire conditions as refugees from the former tyrannical government in Burma/Myanmar. They live on the Thai/Myanmar border. We raised about $2000 which goes a long way over there. The talent show highlights are on the North Kenai Chapel facebook page. Then in a few weeks we will have our 8th annual chili cook-off and game night which always packs the house. So, you can see what Alaskans do during the dog days of winter…we eat!

May the daffodils and cherry blossoms of spring welcome you and find you doing well and serving God with all your heart. .

Your friends,

Wayne and Marveen Coggins

Wayne Coggin new book cover

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