pix of Paul & Shirley from 1966 & 1967 Yearbooks

Paul & Shirley (Williams) Chase (‘67-‘71 / ’66-’68)

786 Island Circle SE
Ocean Shores, WA 98569

Phone: 509-292-8923
Shirley's Cell: 509-638-2588
Email: itzmybeach@gmail.com

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Current picture of Paul & Shirley

Shirley and I have been married since 1968. (Shirley goodness is following me all the days of my life.) We have two grown daughters and seven grandchildren, in whom we are well pleased.

My career path has some parallels to Jesus. He was carpenter then a preacher. I was a preacher, then a carpenter and then an inspector with the fire department. I am now retired. Jesus is not retired, but interceding until the next BIG INSPECTION, aka - Judgment Day at the end of the Age. Are you prepared for that “Inspection”?

UPDATE: 4/20/14
We have moved and of course we had to change our email; we moved from the farm to a freshwater canal water front property. We traded our big tractor and snow blower for a boat. If you come to see us, we will take you on a three hour tour...Gilligan is our helper...just kidding.

Paul and Shirley Chase

[ Contact info updated 04/21/14 ]