a collage of Lillian Bach from 1938, 1968 and 2010 
Lillian Bach
- NBI class 1938 & NC class 1968
Retired Missionary to Nigeria
Resident at Christa Ministries in Shoreline
A report from 60s Alum Doris Wong on Monday, Nov. 8, 2010, indicated that Lillian (98) seems to be improving after being quite ill. She is able to be up for meals and has had a couple of visitors.  Lillian first graduated from NBI in 1938, and went to Nigeria as a missionary.  Thirty years later Lillian returned to NC for her BA Degree which she received at age 56, in 1968.

Photo of Lillian Bach in June of 2011 Lillian Bach Update
Doris Wong

I still go to Crista on Fridays and see Lillian Bach every time.  She will be 99 this August.  She knows no one but sits quietly in her wheelchair in the lounge area most of the day.  Her sweetness always comes through.  When I talk to her, she always asks me if I am there to take her home.  All I can do is give her a hug.